Sunday, November 07, 2004

Electoral Votes or Electoral Voters

The only Electoral College reform I know I could get behind would be to get rid of the electoral voters themselves and make the votes merely that: inanimate counters.

Case in point #1.

Case in point #2.

I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't want to see a direct national election. I just don't think it would change campaigning for the better. I just like the Electoral College -- I guess it's part of what makes me a "conservative". However, there seems to me to be something quite wrong with allowing electors to vote against the wishes of the people who voted them into office. There seems to be a further problem when a party screw-up could have resulted in an elector not be valid.

Making the electors themselves cease to exist seems to me to be the surest solution to these problems. It ensures that the electoral votes go the candidate the people in each state chose.


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