Friday, October 15, 2004

About the name

Pentecostal Gamer. [Wikipedia articles provided for reference only.]

The name refers to the two parts of my life that I identify most strongly with: my faith and my hobbies.

I am a Christian, more specifically an American evangelical, yet more specifically a Pentecostal. My particular denomination of choice is the Assemblies of God, but there isn't an adjective for that, really; and denominations aren't that important to me anyway. What exactly all that means to me is more than I want to put into a single blog post, but loosely translated, "conservative Christian" works as well as anything.

I am also gamer. I like playing games. All types of games: board games, card games, video games, roleplaying games. I like the mechanics of games, analyzing their rules systems. As my friends could tell you, games are probably the thing I get most emotional about. (A friend recently said that the only time she'd seen me break my poker face was during a poker game.) This enjoyment of games carries over into my television watching, which is predominantly "reality tv": Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, ect.

My other major interest is politics, but again, I bring a gaming perspective to it. I'm a yellow dog Republican, but it's in much the same sense that someone else might be a sports fan. It's the team I root for. I don't care too much for policy; I'm more interested in the game of politics, campaigns and elections, and the making and breaking of the rules: campaign finance, redistricting, ect. It's not entirely a healthy attitude, and I've cooled off a lot on politics in the two years since I finished up my B.A. Political Science. That's the reason it's not in the title -- I don't want to have to talk about it, although I probably will.


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